Father Figure

--- Reggie George & Dionte Miller ---

If a mother is the breastplate of righteousness, then a father is backbone of truth. But too many times in our society fathers are given a bad rap and placed at a societal disadvantage. Yet, so many of those fathers show up, represent, and become not only the backbone for their households … but for the entire community. Empower. Encourage. Uplift. Hosted by Reggie George and Dionte Miller, The Father Figure Podcast attempts to change the narrative for fathers in our society by illustrating the basic tenant of fatherhood: “Be Present, Not Perfect”. A safe space that provides an unfiltered, nonjudgmental, and solution-based conversation where men of color can be honest and vulnerable about their experiences as fathers? Tune in. You don’t want to miss out!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 3: Excuses Can't Raise Kids

    Fatherhood doesn't come with instructions. Being a father is something that has to be in you ... and continues to evolve over time. And father's don't have the ...


  2. Episode 2: The MESSAGES

    Safe space for Fathers? Look no further. This episode of Father Figure examines messages in the current US climate and how it impacts fatherhood. Log on to www.oneinstitution.com for more original content with the Father Figure Podcast. ...


  3. Episode 1: Parenting Is Trial & Error

    Host Reggie George brings in his trusted side kick fathers to discuss the intersection of being a Black man and a Father simultaneously. Emotional. Raw. Honest. You don't want to miss the show. Log on to www.oneinstitution.com for more original content from Father Figure. ...